The Nirtek solution

Nirtek NIRAF Technology

Detection of vulnerable plaques

Nirtek has created and patented a speciality intracoronary device to detect which plaques are unstable. The core technology sits inside a device which is fed into the coronary artery being examined.

Near infrared light is directed at coronary plaques, which if unstable will auto-fluoresce due to contents associated with plaque instability having high autofluorescence properties.

That autofluorescence signal is then detected by the device and presented to the cardiologist who may then apply interventional therapy such as coronary stenting to stabilise the plaque in the hope of preventing future heart attacks.

The NIRAF device which is used as part of the coronary angiogram procedure, fits perfectly within the existing angiography workflow, adding enormous value without adding significant time. By identifying exactly which plaques are unstable during the angiography procedure, the cardiologist may treat such lesions with a stent before they can rupture and occlude the artery, thereby preventing heart attacks and death.